How to Install and Download Smadav 2020 Rev.13.4

How to Install and Download Smadav Rev. 13.4Where there are presently lots of virus cleansing applications on the computer system that you can make use of. Smadav is a software program antivirus with the ability of cleaning up a large range of infections that feed on neighborhood computer systems and even worldwide computer systems. Currently you require to download and install Smadav 2020 for the security of your computer system. Also all data will certainly be secure with no unsafe infections. Amazingly Antivirs Smadav this one can still you intall though there have actually been various other kinds of antivirus that have actually been mounted computer system.

Smadav is an anti-virus result made in Indonesia in 2006. This Anti-virus has been widely used, offline or online. Although made in Indonesia, Smadav turns out to be widely used outside Indonesia. With the many features offered, Smadav is able to give its own advantages. One such advantage is the small file size, so it will not make the PC become slow. Nevertheless, this anti-virus proved to be a powerful virus to clean your PC or laptop. Not only that, Smadav also turned out to be used on other antivirus. Because of these advantages you are strongly encouraged to use this anti-virus. If you don’t know how to use it, the following will be discussed on how to install and download the new version of Smadav.

To download Smadav, do it through the official website Smadav to guarantee legality the application. This SMADAV has two versions of which are free and paid. If you have enough space, better use a paid smadav. But if you want to use this app for free, choose the free version of this smadav. The download process can be done via the latest version of free download Smadav. Open the downloaded file and install the app. For the installation process can be done through the following ways.

Step 1

The new version of Smadav downloads will usually be automatically saved to C:usersusersdownloadsname. The file name of the new version of Smadav is by default name Download Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.4. Double Click on the file and select Run as Administrator.

Step 2

The next step is to choose the language to use. There are 2 languages to choose from, both English and Bahasa Indonesia. Choose to your liking.

Step 3

After selecting the language setting, you will get to the initial display of the SMADAV installation. To continue the installation process, click on the Advanced/Next button. Then, you’ll find one important information about the licenses of Smadav free and Smadav Pro. Make sure you choose I Agree or I agree, then click Continue.

Step 4

The New Version of Smadav 2020 Download should be perfected with the next installation process. You will arrive at a view that requires you to select an additional command. Tick the option ‘ Create icons on Desktop ‘, so that after Smadav in Install Smadav icon will appear on the Desktop. If it is, click Next to continue. The installation process is ready to start installing Smadav on your PC. Click Install to continue the installation. Wait until the SMADAV installation process is complete.

If you’ve done that step one by one, you’ve successfully installed Smadav on your computer or laptop. Tick the option ‘ run Smadav ‘, then click Finish. Reselect the language to be used, and SMADAV will be installed on your computer

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