Download Smadav Antivirus (Update 2020) Latest version

Download Smadav Antivirus 2020 – Smadav 2020 is one of the nation’s antivirus works with a powerful ability to protect and prevent computers or laptops from various local and international viruses. If usually the virus that is spread internationally on the computer will be overcome quickly by the popular antivirus, unlike the local Indonesian viruses that are more irritating and very difficult to be eliminated. Download Smadav Antivirus Update Latest version, here’s a new look and benefits

Smadav Antivirus Update 2020 has advantages that make it worth using as a feature for additional protection against computer to USB FlashDisk, anti-virus with small size as well as lightweight and has cleaner feature for Clean the virus from the computer. In Smadav there are 4 excellent features accompanied by several other supporting features that are powerful in eradicating various viruses. And as the best work of the nation, Smadav anti-virus then released the latest version in every year which is then named according to the year of output.

As of today, Smadav 2020 has a superior feature as before that is as a virus detector and displays hidden files from a flash and can be used as a primary anti-virus companion, as well as a scanner system that can Detect and clean the computer from viruses. By downloading the latest version of Smadav Antivirus update, you will be presented with some Antivirus Updates on Download SMADAV Rev.13.4. Some of these updates are as follows.

  • New detection 98,500 virus database.
  • The new virus detection methods that have never been known
  • Change existing on theme display
  • Faster Startupnya with latest display (Splash Screen)
  • Bug fixes or program errors as well as detection errors.

As for the display of the latest version of Smadav 2020, Smadav has the ability to analyze a virus with a behavioral or behavior process, heuristic, and whitelisting system. Thus the virus will be easily detected and cleaned from the computer system. In addition, the latest version of SMADAV has viral analysis capabilities that spread through USB flash and can eradicate various types of viruses that usually exist on USB that often interact with laptops or many computers. This capability can relieve users ‘ worries when copying or saving documents to a USB flash disk.

Another advantage of downloading Smadav antivirus update the latest version is the size of memory capacity needed is very small. It only requires that resources or computer resources are not large which generally only require memory under 10 MB to run. So CPU usage is relatively small and Smadav will not interfere as well as slow down computer performance.

Not until there Smadav the latest version comes with cleaner features and tools that can clean various types of viruses this feature point can make the user clean the registry file that has been affected by viruses and all the features can be enjoyed on Smadav free version. That’s some of the advantages and new look of the latest version of Smadav 2020 for more features you can use the paid version of Smadav.

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